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Consider His Works: One Year Later

Consider His Works: One Year Later

Boy, does time fly!  A little over a year ago we set out on the path to minister to homeschool families in our community.  Consider His Works was born out of our desire to help Christian homeschoolers keep Christ central in their efforts to educate their children. Much like our homeschool journey, we didn’t know quite what to expect when we started.  God has been faithful to us.  We’ve connected with people both in person and online, all while being faithful to our message to point people to Christ.

As with most things, there are definitely some changes we would make looking back. The quarterly newsletter?  Never happened; only managed to do one.  We were a bit overzealous with how much writing we’d be able to do.  Another one of our struggles has been how active we should be on social media.  Internet presence is such a tricky thing.  The great things about social media are the quick interaction with others and ease of sharing information.  The biggest downside of social media, at least for us, is that it’s like a campfire: once you light it, you have to keep stoking the fire to keep it ablaze.  Determining how much time to invest on social media is something we still think about.

The biggest blessing that we’ve seen from Consider His Works is that our family has learned to pray more consistently.  Every Wednesday we take time to pray for others.  Our children now ask us each week who we are praying for.  It has been wonderful to see their concern for others and their desire to pray increase over the past year.  The fact that we are praying more as a family is encouragement enough to continue our ministry to current and prospective home educators.

So, what lies ahead for us? Only God knows for sure.  Our goal is to be consistent in making much of Christ on our website.  We will continue to pray.  We will continue to encourage and inspire as much as we can.  Please pray that the Lord would show us how to more tangibly reach others. Recent statistics show that many more people are making the decision to homeschool.  We hope that Consider His Works will continue to be a solid source of information and encouragement.  

God bless each of you.  We love you and pray that you would consider all of the wonderful works of our Lord.  He does all things well!

Rodney & Sherry

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