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Unexpected Blessings: Opening Your Home for Hospitality

Last month, our family had the privilege of having a few families over for a pre-Thanksgiving dinner.  For a few hours on a Sunday afternoon, our home was filled with laughter and conversation.  I don’t quite have the words to describe what it felt like, but it was such a wonderful and joyous time.  You see, we had different races, different ages, different occupations, you name it, all united by Christ for a brief moment in time.  My intent for this fellowship was simply to provide a nice meal and offer a place of warmth and friendship.  Little did I know that there were unexpected blessings that the Lord had for me as I sat with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Here is what I learned:

  1. Sometimes, when you think you’re struggling with something, you’ll find that others are struggling with the very same thing!  That Sunday of our fellowship, our pastor had preached a sermon on sharing the gospel with others (find the sermon here).  As I talked with the ladies, we all admitted how evangelism was difficult for us.  We all knew what we needed to do, but the practical “going and doing” was hard.  This time together allowed us to encourage one another to press forward and look for those opportunities to share our faith with others.
  2. When we sit and talk to other believers and share our salvation experiences and testimonies, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness and his saving grace.  Listening to another young lady’s testimony of how the Lord saved her, was such a blessing to me.  It was remarkable to hear of her life before Christ and to sit across from her and see how her entire life has now changed.  Although our stories of how we came to know Christ were different, we are now united in Him.  
  3. Our children are blessed through our hospitality towards others because they get to witness our faith in action.  As important as it is for our children to see us worship at church on Sunday, it is equally as important for them to see us live out our Christian walk day to day.  By gathering with others in our home, our children are able to share in the joy of genuine Christian fellowship.   When our guests left, all of our children stated how much fun they had!  

Is your home a welcoming place to others?  When was the last time you had people over, solely for the purpose of encouraging them in their walk with Christ?  Hospitality isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.  Planning meals and organizing your home takes time.  Never feel like your home has to be “perfect” to entertain guests.  Truthfully, none of us has a perfect home, and the Lord can use whatever space you have to bless others.  Take some time to pray about who might benefit from spending time with you and plan to invite them over for a small meal.  You may be surprised at how you’ll be blessed.

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Consider His Works: One Year Later

Consider His Works: One Year Later