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We are college sweethearts, Lord of the Rings fans and Antique Roadshow watchers; but most importantly, sinners saved by God’s grace.  

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Faithful Friends

We are grateful for many things; life, health, our home, the Lord’s daily provision.   One thing that we have grown to have a greater appreciation for over the past few years are the faithful friends that the Lord has blessed our family with.  Being a homeschool family has a natural way of making you seem “different.”  A result of this is that relationships can become complicated, fragile and worst case scenario, completely broken.  We can say pretty assuredly that we’ve never sought as a family to reject or push away anyone; but through God’s providence, friendships have changed over the years.

Having said that, the Lord has done something wonderful for us.  He has given us a few faithful friends that encourage us along our homeschool journey.  Their faith inspires us.  The doors of their homes are open when we need a place to sit and talk.  They pray for us.  They remind us to serve the Lord with gladness (often without saying a word.)  They make us laugh.  They are concerned about us.  Their love for us is a natural overflow of their love for Christ.  One other interesting thing that amazes us about these relationships, is that we don’t have to “work” to make them thrive.  We get along with ease.  We communicate with ease.  Even when we disagree, it’s with ease. 

Do you have faithful friends?  Do you have a few people that the Lord has placed in your life that have really blessed you?  If you do, thank God for them!  Our Lord knows who we need and He places special people in our lives for our good and for His glory.  Are you struggling to maintain close bonds with your friends?  Or, are you even in a place where you feel like you don’t have any friends at all?  We pray that if that is you, God will send a few people to surround you and encourage you.  Friendships can be difficult, but those that God has ordained are worth the time and the prayer that it might take to maintain them.

Praying for you today,

Rodney and Sherry

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Studying The Hymns